Secure Livelihoods

People’s livelihoods are threatened by demographic shifts and economic stresses, from rapid migration from rural areas to urban centers, a growing youth bulge in Africa, and an aging working population, all of which contributed to significant unemployment and underemployment around the world.

The Rockefeller Foundation promotes new approaches to achieving economic goals, development and management to foster more inclusive markets through which prosperity can be more widely and equitably shared. Click below to hear one story of impact in 2012 – one young African strawberry farmer who benefited from our grantmaking – and see our full portfolio of work in our Secure Livelihoods focus area


With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, Farm Concern International's Youth in Agriculture and Trade Enterprises program breaks down barriers to African youth entering agriculture by connecting young farmers to new business models and tools to grow their agri-business enterprises as a means to address anticipated future youth unemployment and low agricultural productivity. In this video, meet one young strawberry farmer from Kenya. (Bonus points if you can guess how many strawberries he hopes to raise this year.)